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Order Questions & Answers



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Pricing is not negotiable.  Buyer agrees to prepay the order thru the website. Personal checks and cash are not accepted. Every order page contains a list of what the price includes for that particular product. The default setting is that the price includes one print color, one pencil shape & length, one font, and one identical text per dozen.  Full-length pencils are unsharpened unless stated otherwise on the specific product page. Sometimes we purchase factory sharpened, full-length #2 lead pencils.  All coloring and golf pencils are manufacturer's factory pre-sharpened. All prices are FOB Sherman Oaks, California which means our responsibility for your order ceases once the shipping carrier has possession of your package. Use of this website means that you agree to hold harmless Explicitly Yours™ for delayed delivery by the shipping carrier. Shipping is included in the product price unless stated otherwise on the website.  All listed prices are in United States currency and payment must be made in United States currency at the time of the purchase before an order is accepted for printing. Explicitly Yours™ will retain Large Order logo dies unless specifically requested to not retain a logo die by the customer prior to shipment.
All pencils in a particular dozen must have the identical text, font, print color and pencil shape & length. Exterior pencil colors need not be the same.  Pencils are printed for right handed users by default, unless requested otherwise in writing prior to printing. Every order page contains a check box to easily request left handed user printing which is free.
Font - Text Incompatibility occurs when customers submit text containing letters, numbers or punctuation that their selected font cannot print.  Since we cannot print the order as submitted it will not be accepted and credit card payment authorization will be immediately released.  Use the Punctuation Font Chart at the bottom of the Hexagonal Pencil order pages to ensure that your selected font can print your text.  A common error is that fonts such as  ARIAL  - UPPERCASE ONLY fonts cannot print lowercase letters, so do not submit lowercase letters in your text if selecting an UPPERCASE LETTERING ONLY font.
Order Details
Personalized printing has no room for printing errors. Therefore, we must have a single, complete and correct order submission for us to print from or the order will be rejected with a full refund, and Customers will be asked to submit an entirely new, complete and correct error-free order for us to follow.
Customer Submitted Spelling & Grammatical Errors
It is the Customer's sole responsibility to correct spelling and grammatical errors prior to submitting the order.
The USA pencil manufacturing industry has radically changed in recent years. Pencils are no longer manufactured from start to finish exclusively in this country. Portions if not the entire pencil are made internationally so we can no longer state that the pencils are USA made. However, we purchase inventory from USA companies, and our inventory consists of Grade A 1st quality, #2 lead, wood cased pencils; except the Chinese Coloring Pencils with colored lead. Full-sized, #2 lead pencils come with ferrules and erasers, unless otherwise indicated.  Only golf pencils with and without erasers and the coloring pencils are factory pre-sharpened. Full-length, #2 lead pencils can be sharpened for an additional fee. Carpenter pencils, if sold, are not sold sharpened.
Please note: Chinese made pencils are not monitored by Explicitly Yours@trade; for either melamine or excessive lead content because the pencils are not edible, intended to be eaten, or made to be eaten.
If your child chews on or eats pencils, then do not order any pencils from Explicitly Yours™.
Regular Service & Shipping Information
Explicitly Yours™ makes every effort to complete orders and ship as quickly as possible by maintaining a well stocked inventory of blank pencils. It is common for orders to be printed within 1-72 hours. Shipping method and speed are selected by the customer at checkout.

Shipping price is not included in product pricing. Shipping is based on the weight of the order, distance and shipping speed chosen by the customer. Shipping is to one address, once.
Selecting USPS Priority Express 1-3 day shipping is not equivalent to paying for rush service since the order will not jump to the top of the printing queue based upon shipping method.
Returned shipments due to incomplete or wrong address submissions, or that are unclaimed by the customer at their local post office, incur a new shipping and handling fee as well as a $10 reprocessing charge.
All prices are FOB Sherman Oaks, California which means our responsibility for your order ceases once the shipping carrier has possession of your package.  If delivery is delayed, then you will need to contact your local United States Post Office directly.  We have no control over the United States Post Office and have no ability to locate a package once in the possession of the United States Post Office.  A tracking # is emailed to every customer on the day the order ships.
Rush Service
Rush service is available for an additional fee per dozen on error-free orders only. Order pages contain detailed rush service information.  

Rush fees need to be paid if an order must be processed and shipped no later than the end of the next business day for their intended use. If pencils must be possessed within less than one week to be useful for the purpose ordered, then the customer must select expedited shipping services that are date guaranteed, as well as pay rush fees. Rush fees must be paid for all personalized products ordered unless two shipping fees are paid.

Customer is not entitled to an order refund if the order had to be received in less than one week or by any specified date to be useful for the event or purpose ordered and rush service & Express Overnight shipping were not paid for.  Select Express Overnight Shipping at check-out for date guaranteed delivery once shipping takes place.
Cancellations must be received and acknowledged via email prior to the commencement of printing. Cancellations received after production commences will be charged only for the portion of the order that is completed at the time notification is acknowledged by an employee via email. If the entire order is completed, then the cancellation will not be accepted and the customer must pay the full invoice since personalized pencils cannot be resold.
Explicitly Yours™ is not liable for delayed delivery by the United States Post Office.  Customer is solely responsible for submitting a claim to the United States Post Office, which involves saving the shipping box and contents and submitting paperwork to the United States Post Office at the time of making a claim for loss, damage or missing contents.  Evidence of mailing and insurance will be provided by Explicitly Yours™. Shipping insurance on every order covers lost, damaged or missing contents but not delayed delivery. The USPS will not process insurance claims for delayed delivery until thirty (30) days after the shipping date.
Damages are limited to the order price paid and may not exceed the order price paid.  No coverage is provided for consequential losses, delay, concealed damage, spoilage or normal shipping handling. 
Return Policy
All sales are final. Personalized pencils cannot be resold due to the unique nature of personalization. The legibility, completeness and accuracy of the order are the customer's full responsibility with the sole exception that pencils with spellings that differ from the submitted text will be replaced and reshipped to the customer at no cost to the customer using the same USPS method paid for in the order.
Emailed Order Alterations or Corrections
Explicitly Yours reserves the right to not accept or cancel orders containing errors because they are confusing and can too easily lead to printing mistakes. Customers may be asked to resubmit entirely new orders without errors.

Customer will be notified that errors exist only via email, and it is the customer's sole responsibility to provide a valid email address for us to communicate to the customer. It is the customer's sole responsibility to check their own SPAM box if there is a possibility that our emails will not be delivered.  Explicitly Yours is not responsible for any damages resulting from emails that end up in a customer's spam box. If a reply is not received in 48 hours, the order may be cancelled and the customer can submit a new errors-free order.
Alterations or corrections to orders must be emailed to us and the customer's email must be acknowledged as received by Explicitly Yours to ensure the alteration or correction is timely received. If the alteration communication occurs after the order has been completed, then the alteration will not be possible and a refund will not available since personalized pencils cannot be resold.
Submission Errors 
Submission errors, for example, not reading or following the order instructions, submitting wrong shipping zip codes or providing USPS undeliverable ship to addresses, greatly increase the odds of our making errors or packages not being delivered. We handle this by rejecting those orders and refunding the payment in full.  Refunds can take 3-5 business days to show up in electronic accounts.  It is the customer's responsibility to check their Spam box for our emails.
Errors that fall into a category of the submission won't work well are handled differently.  We will email recommended tweaks and hold the order for 48 hours while waiting for a customer response to our email.  If no response is received in that time, the order will not be processed, declined, and payment in full refunded.  Refunds can take 3-5 business days to show up in electronic accounts.  Customers are responsible for checking their Spam box for our emails.
Privacy Statement
Explicitly Yours™ will not sell, share or market its customer list or any of your personal information with anyone or any company. We respect your privacy and appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.
Credit card purchases are accepted through Paypal or a direct link to a credit card processor. At no time does Explicitly Yours™ receive credit card numbers.  This is the highest level of security we can offer you.
Production Time
Many factors go into production time such as complexity of the order, number of fonts, number of different types of pencils, number of text lines, order in the queue and errors in the submitted order that are not timely corrected by customers.  We try to complete and ship small orders within 1-3 business days. Explicitly Yours™ will email the customer if selected stock is not immediately available and additional time is needed to complete the order.
Logos & Emoticons
Logos, emojis, emoticons and combinations of standard punctuation are not available on orders by the dozen.
USA Ground shipping is included in the price of the pencils unless otherwise stated on the website. Explicitly Yours™ requires a signature for delivery of all shipments over $250. The shipping fee paid is for one shipment to one address, once. The shipping charge includes insurance as well as a reasonable handling fee to cover the cost of packaging materials. The shipping charge therefore will not be the actual cost of postage. All shipping is F.O.B. Sherman Oaks, California. Shipping is only to the continental United States and its territories. Orders by the Dozen ship separately from Orders by the Gross and cannot be combined into one shipping package and therefore require two separate shipping fees if contained in one order.
Unclaimed Shipments
Unclaimed shipments that are returned to Explicitly Yours™ by the United States Post Office or any other carrier, will be reshipped at the additional postal expense of the customer plus a $10.00 handling fee. If the customer fails to prepay new credit card charges to cover the second or subsequent shipping, the order will not be reshipped or refunded since personalized pencils cannot be resold.
Modification of Web Site
We reserve the right to change and update the terms & conditions and any part of the website at any time with immediate effect of the new policy.
This website, including all content, software, functions, links, materials and information made available on or accessed through the website, is provided as is. No representation or warranties of any kind whatsoever are made for the content of the website or for any breach of security associated with the transmission of sensitive information through the website or any linked site. Explicitly Yours™ disclaims any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.Explicitly Yours™ does not warrant that the functions contained in the website or any materials or content contained therein will be available, uninterrupted or error free. Known defects on the website will be corrected as quickly as possible.
Explicitly Yours™ shall not be liable if the server that makes this website and email available, or emails sent from this website are not warranted to be free of viruses or other harmful components.
Explicitly Yours™ shall not be liable for the use of the website, including without limitation, the content and any errors contained therein. Explicitly Yours™ disclaims any and all responsibility for content contained in any third party materials provided through links from this website. In no event shall Explicitly Yours™ be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages
of any kind, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether or not Explicitly      Yours™ has been advised of the possibility of damage, and on any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with use of this website.
  • Reasonable effort will be made to amicably settle disputes regarding quality of merchandise, shipping or payment. Buyer agrees that any dealings between Buyer and Explicitly Yours™ shall be governed by and interpreted exclusively in accordance with the laws of the State of California and Buyer further agrees to personal jurisdiction of California State Courts. Buyer further agrees that venue for any dispute arising under this contract shall exclusively be Van Nuys in Los Angeles County, State of California, including all Small Claims lawsuits, to determine any controversy arising in their dealings. Buyer agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating such action. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of the Terms of Service, or portion thereof, to be unenforceable, such provision shall be limited or nullified only to the extent necessary to make such provision legal, valid or enforceable, and the remainder of the terms shall continue in full force and effect. Buyer hereby agrees to pay for all court costs incurred by Explicitly Yours in seeking payment in full or damages resulting from online transactions by Buyer.
Sales Tax - California & Texas Residents
Customers whose billing address is anywhere in California agree to pay the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City current tax rate as sales tax on their purchases regardless of their county of residence or business. California law requires that we collect sales tax on the shipping & handling fee because it is calculated and presented to you as a single fee. Customers from Texas agree to pay the highest state & county combined tax rate regardless of their county or residence or business. No other state, other than California and Texas, currently pays sales tax unless they request that the order be shipped to a California address, and then the tax rate is Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City's highest current tax rate.
Telephone Customer Service
All communications and changes to orders must be in writing to prevent errors and miscommunications   Explicitly Yours™ sends emails to notify errors exist in orders. It is the customer's responsibility to provide us with legitimate email addresses and to check their SPAM email box.
Customer agrees to pre pay orders.  Purchase orders, cash and personal checks are not accepted.  PayPal is one of the credit card payment methods.
Pencil Lead Disclaimer
The pencils used by Explicitly Yours™ are certified by PMA (pencil manufacturer's association) to contain no known toxic materials in sufficient quantities to be injurious to the human body.
Pencil Eraser Disclaimer
WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD. Erasers contain small parts and are NOT intended for children under the age of 3. Erasers (and pencil paint) are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D4236
Repeat Customer Defined
A repeat customer is defined as a customer who purchased personalized pencils on a prior calendar day from Explicitly Yours™ and who has sustained a positive relationship with Explicitly Yours™ without compromising our trust thereby jeopardizing the business relationship. Deeply discounted large order brokering starting at a minimum quantity of five (5) identical gross (720 identical pencils) is available to Repeat Customers who have completed five different previous orders.
Bids & Price Quotes
Complete pricing information is available on the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff will not prepare bids since the website can do that after all the information needed to prepare a Bid is input into the order page.
When will you have possession of the order
The only orders that have a guaranteed ship and delivery date are those orders that pay for Rush Service (ship by end of next business day) and pay for USPS Priority Express shipping with date guaranteed delivery.
Corrections & Changes for already Submitted Orders
Corrections must be submitted in writing via email prior to printing. Emails are not read or responded to during printing sessions. If you have a comment or correction regarding a submitted order, email us at Clearly describe the error or issue, include the order number and billing name on the order, and use or refer to the identical email address that was submitted for the order so we can connect the specific order to the email prior to printing the order. If Explicitly Yours has not sent an email acknowledgment of having received your email then your email has not been read, probably because we are printing orders. Corrections and Changes to orders cannot be processed after an order has started printing, and certainly not after the order is printed and shipped.
Submission Errors that affect Pricing
Some errors make order processing impossible because they under pay the order payment. Example, submitting two text lines but filling out the order stating only one order line has been ordered. The second text line then has no payment and the only way to proceed is for us to decline to accept the order and the Customer must submit a new, corrected order.
Minimum Sized Order
The Minimum Order is one dozen (12) pencils with identical text, one font, and one print color. For small orders that we print, the minimum order can contain an assortment of pencil colors, but not pencil shapes. Select either hexagonal, round or golf pencils but not a mixture of styles within one dozen.
Logos are not available on small orders by the dozen. However, Logos are available on Bulk Order Round pencils starting at 720 (1 Gross) identical round pencils. Artwork needs to be submitted through email to in an .eps or .tif file.
Explicitly Yours™ will not guarantee the delivery date of non-date guaranteed USPS shipping methods.
Bulk Orders
Bulk Orders are only available to well established, repeat customers.  Bulk Order quantity starts at 60 dozen (5 gross) identical pencils.  Round pencils require a $30 logo die that will be able to hold up to five lines of text and a logo image.  Large quantities of Hexagonal pencils will require a $30 logo die per text line and notd that logos will be very small and could be very difficult to see.
No Free Samples
Free samples on small orders by the dozen are not available.  The minimum order is one dozen pencils.
No Proofs, Previews & Logos on Orders by the Dozen
Proofs, previews or logos on small orders by the dozen are not available. Order just one dozen pencils to see what your order will look like. Orders printed at different times will rarely be identical because every printing run is unique.
Strong Contrast between pencil & print colors is highly recommended to maximize text legibility. There are too many examples of strong contrast to list them all, but this will give you an idea. White print on navy pencils, black print on yellow pencils, red print on white pencils, dark purple print on light blue pencils, rose print on pastel pink pencils.
Fine lined fonts
Fine lined fonts need far greater pencil & print contrast than bold fonts.
Weak Contrast
While we strongly urge customers to not order weak contrast between pencil & print color because it can be quite challenging to read the printed text, some Customers prefer weak contrast. Here are some tips:
  • Example of weak contrast: navy, dark purple, burgundy or black print on royal blue, navy or black pencils.
  • Example of weak contrast: silver or light pink print on purple pencils.
  • If you are unsure if your particular pencil color, print color and typeface combination will be difficult to read, email us before placing an order.
Punctuation, Emoticons and Uncommon Computer Generated Symbols 
Computer generated emoticons and symbols are not available on small orders sold by the dozen. Basic punctuation cannot be combined to make entirely new symbols. For example, :> does not look good on pencils, in fact, it is distorted and looks deranged. We won't print :)
  • Only submit punctuation you see listed as being available.
  • Only the Larger print Helvetica - with diacritics has diacritic punctuation. This font is only available for text lines with diacritics.
  • The larger print fonts have many symbols and shapes available and they are listed on the picture of the Larger Print Fonts. If one of these symbols or shapes is desired, submit the order and then email the actual text line to Mention the order number and be clear about which text line will be altered with the symbol or shape.  The character limit cannot be exceeded by the use of symbols or shapes.
What does "Made in the USA" actually mean?
Over the past few decades, the USA pencil manufacturing industry has experienced tremendous consolidation. Hundreds of USA pencil manufacturers existed in the 1900's, but today only about three remain. Of those three, none hold fast and true to the statement "made in the USA from tip to tip".  USA pencil manufacturers are using global resources to manufacture pencils. For most pencils, we can no longer say with 100% confidence that any of the pencils we sell are truly 100% made in the USA.  Explicitly Yours™ is a printer of personalized pencils. We try to bring you a great pencil product regardless of where it was manufactured or painted.
Hexagonal Pencils
Are sold as full-length and golf pencils that are wood cased and painted in a variety of solid colors. Full-length pencils have either standard #2 lead or #2 Soft Lead. Golf pencils are only #2 lead. All full-length pencils have ferrules and erasers of varying colors from the manufacturer which cannot be changed. We only sell from current inventory.
  • We stock hexagonal pencils by different manufacturers and use whichever pencils are best suited to the selected font. Not all manufacturers make pencils in all colors, and different manufacturers use different ferrule styles and colors. Even within a manufacturer's line, different ferrule and eraser colors are used. Explicitly Yours™ uses in-stock inventory to print pencils. We do not manufacture, paint or assemble pencils.

Golf PencilsHexagonal, wood cased, painted, factory sharpened, #2 lead Golf pencils are available with or without ferrules and erasers and are sold only factory sharpened in quantities by the dozen starting with one dozen (12) pencils. Golf pencils without erasers are approximately 3.375 inches long and golf pencils with erasers are approximately 3.875 inches long.

Pencil Pantone Numbers
Pantone numbers are universal color identifiers that we cannot provide because exact color matches are impossible. Explicitly Yours™ is a printer, not a manufacturer of pencils. As inventory changes, the pencil colors change. We only sell from current inventory.
Round Pencils
Explicitly Yours™ sells full-length, wood cased, unsharpened #2 lead round pencils with ferrules and erasers in patterns and solid colors. We stock round pencils by different manufacturers and use whatever manufacturer is currently in inventory for a particular design. The quality of round pencils equals that of hexagonal pencils.
  • Round pencils are sold with only one text line whereas hexagonal pencils are sold with up to three text lines/
  • Round pencils have only one available font which is ARIAL UPPERCASE ONLY LETTERING whereas hexagonal pencils have a wide variety of fonts available many of which can print lowercase letters.
Coloring Pencils
Coloring pencils, also referred to as colored lead pencils, are sold only in factory created sets different graphite colors. Graphite colors are not sold individually. Coloring pencils are imprinted only with the McKellar Gothic font. Coloring pencils are manufactured in China. They are intended for children, not serious artistic drawing.  Coloring pencils are not edible. If your child eats pencils, do not purchase Coloring pencil sets for the child.
Easy Order Pencils
This is a category of our Hexagonal and Round #2 lead, wood cased, painted pencils with copper colored ferrules and pink erasers, as well as select Dixon pencils, that have a preselected print color and font to ensure great legibility. No substitutions permitted.  Limited punctuation available, and it is listed on the order page.  The key is to keep the ordering process simple and fast for both the customer and us.   If a different font, pencil or print color is desired then do not order Easy Order Pencils, but rather use the links for Hexagonal or Round Personalized Pencils at the top of every web store page.
Sharpening Service
Sharpening service is not offered. The Golf & coloring pencils are manufacturer factory sharpened.
Quantity Discounts
Starting with 5 Gross (720 pencils) identical pencils, for our well established, Repeat Customers. As a courtesy to our long-term, repeat customers who have already placed at least five different orders with us, we will broker deeply discounted round, hexagonal full-length or golf pencil orders. Round pencils can have logos if .eps or .tif art work files are submitted to us. Email with the complete proposed order details so that we price the order.
Pencil Quality
Our full-length and golf pencils are First Quality, wood cased pencils with #2 lead unless #2 Soft Lead is specified.  The pencil erasers erase, not smudge.
Pencil Combinations Within a Dozen or Order
Each dozen can consist of like kind pencil colors so long as one print color works on all pencils in the dozen and the text is identical for that dozen. Each dozen consists of either hexagonal or round pencils or golf or coloring. Each dozen can be unique. We do not manufacture pencils, so assortments must consist of pencils already in our inventory.
Lettering Color Selection Contrast
This is really important to ensure custom printed pencils look great. Contrast between pencil & print color is all important. Dark colored pencils need light colored lettering and light colored pencils need dark lettering for contrast. Light contrast looks like embossing rather than print. It's all up to you. We won't second guess you because we don't know you or your needs or likes & dislikes.
  • Poor or weak contrast will be hard to read but that just may be the desired look. We won't second guess customers. If you order pencils and print colors with weak contrast, that is what will be printed. Examples of color combination that do not work on pencils: navy print on black pencils, black print on burgundy pencils.
  • <
  • Black is not a universal print color. Just because a color combination works on a t-shirt or mug does not mean it will work on a pencil.
Fonts for Hexagonal Pencils
Each font has it's own letters, numbers and punctuation capabilities. A chart appears at the bottom of hexagonal pencil order pages that will tell you exactly what is and is not possible for a specific font to print. Fonts also appear in pictures on the web store. There is no uniform text size for hexagonal pencil fonts.
  • Round pencils sold by the dozen have only one block lettering font offered which is available only in UPPERCASE=CAPITAL LETTERS.
One Font Per Dozen
This is the rule because different fonts do not line up consistently.
Characters Per Text Line
The number of characters in a text line includes spaces & punctuation, and M,m and W,ware double wide characters and therefore count as two characters each in all fonts. There must be at least three characters, not including spaces or punctuation, per text line on all imprinted pencils. To determine if your text line fits, type it into the order form.
Excessively long text lines
Excessively long text lines will not be approved. Use multiple text lines on hexagonal pencils. However, if the text just barely exceeds the text box allowance, then an optional fee is available to accommodate this situation.
Identical Text Per Text Line Per Dozen
Each dozen must have identical text lines, in an identical font and print color per dozen. Each text line is printed only once on each pencil in the dozen. Most hexgonal pencils can have multiple text lines. Round pencils sold by the dozen are only sold with one text line.
Hexagonal Multiple Line Layout Options
This only applies to hexagonal pencils orders with two or more text lines since each text line is printed only once. Hexagonal pencils have six sides, sometimes referred to as panes. Adjacent Panes means the text lines appear on sides right next to each other. Every Other Pane means there is a blank side between text lines. Opposite Panes can only be used for orders with two text lines and the text will appear on opposite sides of the pencil.
Number of Text Lines Included in the Price
Pencils by the dozen are sold with one text line with identical text, printed once per pencil. Some hexagonal & all golf pencils have the option of a second & third text line for an additional fee per identical second and identical third text line per dozen.
Sales Tax
California law requires that we collect sales tax on all billing addresses within California because we are physically located in California. California law also requires sales tax collection on the shipping & handling fee because it is presented as a single sum. California sales tax is collected at the uniform rate based on Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City where we are located.  Because the web host servers may be located in Texas, as of 2011 Explicitly Yours™ is required to collect sales tax from Texas billing addresses. We charge a single sales tax rate which is at the highest prevailing sales tax rate in the state of Texas regardless of actual city or county of residence within Texas.
Rush Orders
Rush Service is available for an additional fee per dozen on orders sold by the dozen.  Rush Service has nothing to do with USP shipping speed. A rush order goes to the front of the queue and is shipped by the end of the next business day using whatever shipping speed is selected by the customer.
Date Guarantee Delivery Limited to USPS Priority Express Shipping
The ONLY way to know exactly what day the order will be in your possession is to select USPS Priority Express shipping, which is 1-3 day delivery service depending on your zip code AND pay Rush Service fees so that we know which day your order is being printed and shipped. If you are not willing to pay for USPS Priority Express Shipping and Rush Service, then please do not ask us when your order will be received because we do not own or control the United States Postal Service and quite simply do not know the answer. If you tell us a specific date on which the order must arrive and have not paid for USPS Priority Express shipping, then the order will not be accepted.
Explicitly Yours™ ships Orders by the Dozen via United States Postal Service (USPS). Only USPS Priority Express is date guaranteed delivery, and it can be up to THREE day delivery service to some zip codes. All orders over $250 are shipped with signature required for delivery. Orders need not be shipped to the billing address. USPS USA ground shipping is included in the price of products or services unless stated otherwise on the order page. Orders are shipped once, to one address. In most cases, any adult can sign for delivery, it does not have to be the purchaser unless the USPS determines that the signer must be the named addressee
All Unclaimed or Returned shipments must pay a New Shipping Fee plus a $10.00 handling fee before orders will be reshipped. The order price paid includes shipping to one address, once.
Local pick-up in Sherman Oaks, California and International shipping are not available.
Printing is for Right Handed Users by default
Explicitly Yours prints pencils so that the text is read from left to right while being held in the user's right hand. Upon written request, orders can be printed so that the text is legible for left handed users. All pencils in the dozen must be either for right handed or left handed users, not both. Request left handed printing by clicking on the Left Handed User/Printing Checkbox with your computer mouse.
Pencil Accessories & Extras
These items such as adorable eraser toppers, cute pencil sharpeners, creative pencil holders and themed writing pads are only available to accompany the purchase of personalized pencils. Not sold separately without a personalized pencils purchase.
Multiple Fonts
Each dozen may have only one font regardless of the number of text lines. Different dozens in the same order can have different fonts. The greater the number of different fonts in a particular order, the longer it will take to complete the order.
Telephone vs. Email Communication
All communication is required to be in writing via email to prevent errors or miscommunication since personalization cannot have errors. Explicitly Yours™ will not take, alter or amend orders over the phone. We will not discuss orders over the phone to prevent errors and miscommunication.
Customers must provide valid email addresses on orders so that we can communicate in writing via email
Because email does not always work, change requests must be received before printing occurs to be effective notice. We will confirm receipt of the change request if it is received prior to commencement of printing. Email is not monitored during printing sessions. Thus, an email confirmation must be received by the customer for the change to be effective. Customers are solely responsible for checking their SPAM email boxes.
Placing Orders
ALL orders must be placed through the website. No exceptions. If there is an error in the submitted order, immediately send us an email with the correction to
All sales are Final because custom printing is a service that takes time and labor that would have been used on your order, and because custom printed orders cannot be resold.
Only credit card payments are accepted. Neither cash nor checks are accepted.
Order Cancellation
Email communications for order tweaking that are not responded to within 48 hours will likely result in cancellation of the order.
Exact Color Matches
Exact pencil or print color matches are not available.
Current Inventory Sales Only
Explicitly Yours™ only accepts orders for pencils currently in inventory which are listed in the drop down menus on order pages.
Blank Inventory & Wholesale Sales
Explicitly Yours™ does not sell blank or wholesale pencils.
Customers make all order decisions
Staff are not permitted to make order related decisions for Customers regarding fonts, pencil or print color combinations because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and only you know what you think is beautiful.
Donation Requests
Explicitly Yours™ receives unsolicited requests for donations with tremendous frequency from people who have never purchased our pencils. We donate to 501(c)(3) organizations of our choosing throughout every year.
Pencils for Photo Shoots in magazines, television or other media
Photo shoots need very strong contrast between pencil and print color. Photos often turn out better with matte print rather than metallic print. Email us to find out if matte print is available with the desired font. Photo shoot pencils are just a regular order, not free and shipping is not free.
Text Lines
One identical text line is printed once per pencil on a minimum of one dozen pencils. Many of the hexagonal pencils can accommodate up to three text lines. Round pencils by the dozen only permit one text line.
Rush Service
Explicitly Yours™ does not offer Rush Service while closed on vacation. Rush Service is available on error free orders placed through the website for an additional fee per dozen and is an option listed on every order page. Every personalized item in the order must pay Rush Service fees for the order to qualify for Rush Service. If not all personalized items in the order are needed with Rush Service, then place one Rush Order and one non-Rush order.
Rush Service moves the order to the top of the printing order queue but has nothing to do with expedited shipping service. Rush Service is not the same service provided by USPS Express Priority Shipping. Further details and explanation of Rush Service appear on every order page. Rush Service does not commence until orders are error free.
International Shipping
International shipping is not available.