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About Explicitly Yours

Explicitly Yours™ is a small, for profit, online only, printing business located in Los Angeles, California. Explicitly Yours opened in 2002.  Our specialty is custom printing personalized pencils by the dozen, starting with one dozen pencils. An abundance of gorgeous fonts, along with a wide variety of pencil styles, print & pencil colors are available in inventory for immediate printing.  We have a passion for pencils, and only pencils are printed.  We do not print pens, not mugs, not t-shirts. We Love Printing Pencils!

Our printing methods and business operations are proprietary and will not be disclosed.  Printing is done in our own printing facility located in Los Angeles, California. We have the skills, experience, knowledge, craftsmanship and inventory to print error-free orders and ship quickly. 

Explicitly Yours™ is a printing business, not a graphic design or art business. We are not artists, so we will not tell you what to order or what color combinations work "best" since that is a value judgement.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and varies from person to person.  We do not work with logos, art work, emojis, emoticons or combinations of punctuation intended to be an emoji or emoticon.

This website has all the information & explanations needed to place error free orders so we do not have Staff available to read the website to prospective customers.  We are unlikely to respond to emails inquiring about basic information readily stated on the website, especially if the information is on the home page.  A very thorough FAQ [frequently asked questions & answers] that is based on 16 years of doing business is on the website 24/7 through a link at the bottom of every page.

The order queue determines how much printing is done in a day.  During the holiday season, printing might start at 6 a.m. and go until midnight.   In late summer & early fall, when it is incredibly hot in Southern California in the afternoon, printing stops.  Weekends are used to print complicated and/or larger orders so that there will be far fewer interruptions and distractions. 

We do not read or respond to emails when printing is taking place, so if you have a comment or correction regarding a submitted order, you need to email the issue to us immediately after placing the order and include the order number in the text of the email so we can connect the specific order to the email prior to printing the order.  This seems too obvious to even have to say, but we have to say it:  Only use the name and email address that appears on the order in all correspondence with Explicitly Yours, and include the order number, if there is one, in all correspondence.  It would be even better were you to email issues prior to placing the order so we have a heads up that a problem is coming our way.

Explicitly Yours™ is run by Baby Boomers.  That is our explanation for why we have no interest in having a Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram/Pinterest accounts.  We value privacy. Yours and Ours.  Our privacy policy is described next.

We look forward to printing your custom personalized pencil order as designed by you.




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