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Free Shipping has Arrived

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on Mar 26th 2018

This week the store has been updated with USA Ground Free Shipping for all personalized pencils.  This doesn't mean that the United States Post Office is suddenly going to deliver packages f … read more

New symbols available for 2018

Posted by Gail on Jan 2nd 2018

These are generic, meaning they are not italicized or script and work with the typical sized fonts.We now have 3 diamond shapes ◆ (maybe this will work better than dashes)We now have <<  an … read more
Two new fonts available

Two new fonts available

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Oct 27th 2017

We very happy to be able to offer two new, very easy to read fonts to the vast family of Explicitly Yours fonts offered.Spartan Medium with a huge array of punctuation is now a choice for both Easy Or … read more

Adding video recordings to website to help place error free orders

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on Oct 17th 2017

Diving into a new technology is frustrating at first, just like using a new web store can be.  The goal is to make it easier to place error free orders, so currently, video recordings are being m … read more