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Covid19 free and open for business

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on May 27th 2020

This has turned into a weekly report because we feel it is critical that we know how healthy the people are from whom we are buying goods that come into our homes.  We continue to follow all safety protocols and no doubt with a lot of luck, have remained covid19 free.  We hope you have too, or that at least your symptoms have been mild.

Personalized pencils make a huge, positive impact on children. They feel better about doing homework. My child grew up using personalized pencils, giving teacher gifts of personalized pencils, donating personalized pencils to fundraisers, giving gifts of personalized pencils for birthdays and memorializing little league baseball teammates. This week he graduates college summa cum laude with highest honors. I think its the impact of personalized pencils.  

Give a child in your life the chance to excel with a gift of personalized pencils.