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Covid19 Free & Open for Business

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Jan 26th 2021

The pandemic has really slowed down life.  So all I've got to say is that we remain Covid19 free and continue to take all precautions.  

The world would be a better and safer place if everyone would wear a Mask on their face at all times while away from their homes. Not in their pocket or around their neck.  This is a matter of public health. It is not a political statement. 

One never knows who is dangerously susceptible to Covid19, so a lot less selfishness and self-absorption is needed by all those who callously leave their homes and refuse to protect others from their potentially fatal breath.

It has been said that faith sees best in darkness, but were it not for so many maskless people leaving their homes, this wouldn't be a time of such severe darkness.  It's common sense. It's science.