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Custom printed pencils with names fundraisers

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Jan 19th 2019

Tired of doing the same fundraisers every year for your school, church, temple or sports club?  Too many carbs in bake sale items?  Too many coffee mugs in your cupboard?

Submitting a group order for individual dozens of personalized pencils quickly meets the threshold for the automatic discounts offered on the Explicitly Yours website.  No promo code needed.  You'll find the automatic discounts on the home page, but here they are for you:


Spend $150 Get 10% Off | Spend $200 Get 15% Discount | Spend $400 Get 20% Discount | Spend $750 Get 25% Discount

Each dozen can be completely different and shipping is to one address per order.  

It's a great way to get children excited about homework or writing, a gift that makes people feel very special, a gift that won't be regifted.   The price paid for the pencils after the discount does not have to be the price charged in your fundraiser, so submit an order that qualifies for an automatic discount but for your fundraiser add in your profit to earn your organization the funds needed to support your programming and activities.