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It's February and we're Open for Business

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Feb 3rd 2021

There are freezing temperatures in every state in the country this week.  The pandemic is a year old and we're still encouraged to stay home as much as possible.  Looking for a new indoor ac … read more

Covid19 free and open for business

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on Jun 19th 2020

It's Juneteenth and  its hard to believe we've gone from bad to worse to extraordinary horrors so far this year, Elderly. parents and relatives who are staying in doors would probably enjoy … read more

Open for Business and still covid19 free

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on May 21st 2020

While the country is beginning to reopen, is going to continue to be extra careful during the coming months. We wish you continued good health, and for those recovering or e … read more

Open for business and Covid19 free

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Apr 16th 2020

The lock down has been in place and are you looking for new avenues of entertainment?  Explicitly Yours has some fabulous adult coloring books in stock that can be purchased with an order of pers … read more
Brighten a winter day with personalized coloring pencils

Brighten a winter day with personalized coloring pencils

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Jan 1st 2019

Winter is the time of year we find ourselves inside a lot. A great way to pass the time and brighten your mood & surroundings is by making vibrant drawings.  Personalized coloring pencils make dr … read more