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A minimum order of one dozen personalized pencils with every order

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Feb 18th 2024

This should be obvious but apparently it is not to everyone. Explicitly Yours is a printer of personalized pencils and therefore, all customers should be purchasing at least one dozen personalized pen … read more

Pay for faster shipping not rush fees

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Dec 13th 2023

Hello, Happy Holidays!We're going to get your order printed and shipped as fast as humanly possible, but that doesn't mean the United States Post Office will get your package delivered with the same s … read more

Run away Inflation - but we haven't raised our prices

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Jun 10th 2022

This is such a crazy time we're living through on so many levels.  Although Shipping costs are increasing, we're not passing along the costs.  For now.  So don't wait to order, ant … read more

Covid19 Free and waiting for a vaccine

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Mar 19th 2021

The light at the end of the tunnel might be visible, pending a likely 4th wave.  We've implemented safety practices and actually, I like wearing a mask. It keeps my face warm when outside.  … read more

It's October and thoughts of the holidays are approaching fast

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Oct 11th 2019

Personalized pencils make great holiday stocking stuffers and gifts.  Writing a handwritten note is almost a lost art, but for those that take the time to handwrite and snail mail a thank you not … read more