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Personalized Hexagonal Coloring pencils

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Typically ships in 2-4 business days

12 assorted custom printed personalized hexagonal coloring pencils sold by the dozen

  • Colors include:  Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Burgundy, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue
  • factory sharpened
  • not made in the USA
  • no ferrules or erasers on coloring pencils
  • manufacturer printing on one line of these coloring pencils says A+ Homework in metallic gold


Price Includes FREE GROUND SHIPPING and:

  • One dozen assorted coloring pencils. Individual colors not sold separately.
  • One identical custom printed text line, printed once per pencil
  • White print
  • MCKELLAR UPPERCASE LETTERING ONLY - do not submit lowercase letters or the order will be declined
  • 3-25 characters including spaces with M and W counting as 2 characters each since they are wider letters


Available Punctuation

  •   . & -
  • computer generated symbols, logos and punctuation combinations such as :) are not available 



  • Rush Service  - to jump to the front of the printing queue and ship by the end of the next business day - add $9.99 per dozen.  This fee, along with USPS Priority Express date guaranteed delivery, is required if the pencils must arrive by a specific date.  No exceptions, no order will be accepted when a date is specified without Rush Service fees and USPS Priority Express date guaranteed delivery.  Orders must be error-free at the time of submission to qualify for Rush Service. Every dozen in the order must pay Rush Service fees. 
  • Pretty Gift Pouch holds up to two dozen pencils and includes a plastic sharpener and gift bow - add $2 each
  • Pastel Gift Box with ribbons & bow holds 1 dozen - add $4.50 each (available only in pastel pink or pastel blue)
  • Pastel Gift Box + Gift Wrap holds 1 dozen - add $5.50 each
  • A set of one plastic Smile pencil sharpener and 4 small smile erasers - add $2.50
  • Holiday Red Large Gift Bow with a small plastic bell - add $2 each