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Covid19 free and Flu shots

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on Sep 3rd 2020

This doesn't directly have anything to do with personalized pencils, but I want you to know that we are doing everything recommended to remain covid19 free and so this week we've gotten flu shots.  It's actually quite a relief to have checked this latest box.  I hope scientists are also working on a West Nile vaccine because it's all too easy to lose focus and the mosquitoes are out in the blazing heat and high humidity.

It's been great to focus on printing custom orders of personalized pencils.

I want to share a true story with you.  An older neighbor up the street recently had knee surgery.  You probably know someone who has gone through a surgery requiring walking as rehabilitation.  So, coloring pencils with the message YOU CAN DO IT were printed, and each day a different colored coloring pencil was left out for her to pick up as she struggled through her rehabilitation walks.  It was such a simple thing to do and it not only brightened up her days but gave her something to look forward to as she completed her daily, painful walks.  Today is the last day a coloring pencil will be put out because she'll have the full set, and most importantly, she's now feeling far better and walking without a cane.