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The benefits of Coloring for Adults

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Mar 22nd 2024

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, "If you’re looking for a fun way to relax, try printing out this free coloring book of intricate mandalas. Coloring has more benefits than you might think—it’s been found … read more

Pencils use in 2024

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Jan 17th 2024

The past decade's use of pencils plummeted with the wide spread adoption of smart phones, tablets and social media.  But is that good?Too much screen time is bad for youths in many ways.  Th … read more

It's soooo hot outside

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Sep 2nd 2022

We hope you're inside where its air conditioned using our personalized coloring pencils with adult or children's coloring books to help the days pass by quickly! We have several different fabulous adu … read more

It's February and we're Open for Business

Posted by Gail, Pencilier on Feb 3rd 2021

There are freezing temperatures in every state in the country this week.  The pandemic is a year old and we're still encouraged to stay home as much as possible.  Looking for a new indoor ac … read more

Covid19 free and Flu shots

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on Sep 3rd 2020

This doesn't directly have anything to do with personalized pencils, but I want you to know that we are doing everything recommended to remain covid19 free and so this week we've gotten flu shots.&nbs … read more